What makes our energy storage unique?

Alu-Pb Electrode

Novel Aluminum substrate lead acid battery electrode with corrosive resistant lead layer

Hollow Core Electrode

Allows for optimal heat dissipation through natural convection, forced air flow or forced fluid flow

Uniform temperature

Uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire cell

Mega Amps International Limited is the global master licensee of the Giga Amps energy storagy intellectual property


Unconventional thinking solves conventional problems
The future is a collection of past steps and present awareness

Our company firstly sets off to challenge the notion that only big guns make big booms.

We believe passion overcomes challenge by driving ideas and that ideas alone are not enough. This passion we live out daily in an attempt to leave a legacy of accountability.

Our energy storage technology is the manifestation of this passion, retracing past steps with present awareness looking into the future. We believe that the well known Lead-Acid chemistry has not reached its potential and that we have found the necessary drivers to enable this technology to reach greater heights.

  • Passion

    This is why we exist

  • innovation

    This is what we do

  • sustainability

    This is what we believe

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